Episode 10: Rants, Raves, and Reform with Mike Lauria

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We promise this is the last time you’ll hear us critiquing our current education system…for awhile. The next few shows we have in the works are PURELY CLINICAL. That being said, we cannot thank Mike Lauria enough for his contributions and insight in the realm of stress inoculation and cognitive unloading. There is a lot of speculation in the last four episodes about potential changes we could make to the way EMT/Paramedic classes are set up. Some of these might work, and some may not. The bottom line is that you should never become too comfortable in your work to assess its efficacy. If you take away nothing else from the last four episodes, please hear this: being a dedicated clinician is difficult. If it were easy, everyone would do it. When everyone else at the station or on post is playing games on their phones, watching t.v., or sleeping, it is hard to break away and go practice your intubation skills. People will make fun of you. People will tell you that you’re going overkill. Despite the widely practiced and accepted apathy, you have to make a choice to be the best that you can be, which often requires putting in more time than your coworkers. Be safe and keep striving to be the best. Talk at y’all later.