Episode 21: D.O.S.E. (Direct On-Scene Education) with Captain James Carroll

Let me start off by apologizing for the buzzing in the background of this recording. IF you can get past that, the content and ideas of this presentation are incredible. We would like to thank Capt. James Carroll of Broward CO, FL for taking the time to sit down with us and explain his passion for community outreach. 


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What is DOSE? DOSE is an innovative attempt at eliminating sleep related infant death due to suffocation, strangulation or positional asphyxia by using First Responders to identify and remove hazards while delivering education on-scene. First Responders are trained to identify and remove hazards from an infant’s sleep space while on scene during emergency and non-emergency 911 calls. DOSE was created and developed by Captain James Carroll and Jennifer Combs, MSN, ARNP.

If you or your department is interested in implementing a program like this, contact Capt. Carroll via the D.O.S.E. website.