Pizza and Peds

pizza and pedsPizza and Peds is the first workshop offered by the CPR Podcast. There is a devastating lack of in-depth training relating to pediatric emergencies. In On Combat by Dave Grossman, Grossman states that we often “sink to the level of our training” when faced with an unknown stressor. We hope that by offering a safe environment, simulation training, and education we can reduce the unknown stressors. Join us on May 2nd at the Public Safety Academy in Fort Wayne, IN as we tackle pediatric emergencies ranging from pediatric trauma and arrest management. Scot and Kelli Tuttle will be presenting first about pediatric assessment.

According to the CIA’s statistics on morbidity and mortality in 2013, Northeastern Indiana had an infant mortality rate of 7.1/1,000, while Allen County was even higher at 8.7/1,000. Certain zip codes in the Allen County district are higher yet still, having an infant mortality rate on par with certain undeveloped nations such as Zimbabwe.Infant Mortatlity map If you work in this area, this is an unfortunate reality, and you have a markedly greater chance of encountering a critically ill pediatric patient. It’s time we start preparing better. Overall, Indiana ranks 44th in the U.S. in infant mortality rates. How prepared do you feel to perform a pediatrics resuscitation right now? Yeah… we don’t feel great about that prospect either. 

There will be six stations ranging from pediatric arrest management to trauma management to respiratory emergencies. If you are in the Fort Wayne area then and are interested, register at our Eventbrite page. Afterwards, we will be doing drinks and debriefing, so feel free to stick around! We hope to see you there!