On Combat by Dave Grossman

on combat

This session is all about discussing our mind’s and body’s reaction to stress, and how to better train for crisis. When our bodies and minds experience a stressor, the ability to cognitively process new situations or perform complex skills goes out the window. Join us as we attempt to start the conversation of how we can implement stress inoculation tactics into our daily preparation as well as the foundational education for students going through EMT/Paramedic classes.

Bridges Out of Poverty by Ruby Payne

boop (lol)

The next event we will be putting on is going to be featuring the book Bridges Out of Poverty.  Our first event was fairly small, but we had a GREAT time, and as a result of that meeting, the first book we read has been added to the recommended reading for new paramedic/EMT students going through classes in NE Indiana. Change starts in small steps, and by introducing medics (and health care in general) to the psych/sociological world that we live in, we can hopefully prevent burnout and unnecessary conflict. This reads, as one of our colleagues aptly put, like a sociology textbook. That being said, there is a wealth of information in here that will undoubtedly aid anyone in public service or health care.

The Will to Survive by Bobby Smith


The Will to Survive was written by Bobby E. Smith. Bobby was a former Louisiana State Trooper that was wounded in the line of duty, forcing him to end his career as a police officer early. Bobby went on to finish his Ph. D, and has since devoted his life to helping fellow officers through the trials of a life led in the service of others. Despite this book primarily dealing with law enforcement issues, it has some very distinct parallels to EMS.