Episode 31: How Not to Be a Bastard (Lessons I Wish I Would’ve Learned a Long Time Ago)

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Understanding the Clinical v. Managerial Paradox

  • Clinician
    • “I’m a zebra hunter, get the damn horses out of the way!”
    • “It’s not your patient’s job to prove that they’re sick, it’s your job to prove that they’re not.”
  • Manager
    • “There’s more than likely a reasonable explanation behind this!”
    • “No one comes to work trying to screw up.”

Understand Your Personal Limitations and Triggers


  • Give yourself room to have a bad day, but don’t take it out on your trainee/employee.
  • Give yourself permission to not be the smartest person in the room.
  • For the areas you don’t understand, read, listen to podcasts, attend trainings.

Understanding Organizational Goals and Limitations

  • Don’t try to reinvent the wheel; every organization has its strengths and weakness. There are some systems that require a scalpel instead of a bulldozer and vice versa.
  • Take the good and try to make it better by holding yourself to higher standards.
  • Everyone has a preference; work to make the most good for the most patients/employees.

Quality Investigation


  • You’re biased, whether or not you care to admit it!
  • Are you starting with a call to crucifixion or starting by trying to understand the circumstances?

Documentation is Our Friend

  • I’m not going to beat the legal horse to death; we all know that one.
  • Keep a journal of your successes and failures; log your ideas so that you can go back and try something different next time.

Speaking of Friends… Find Some!

  • Keep yourself grounded.
  • Good leadership and education takes accountability, starting with your own personal accountability.
  • If you’re off base, get counsel; find people with more experience that you trust will be honest with you.
  • We all want to be Batman, but we really need to be the Justice League.

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