BVM 2.0


You and your partner are working a respiratory arrest. You have no first responders. Your patient is 300lbs. Do you really have the resources to use proper technique with two-rescuer ventilation? Is one person really enough to maintain adequate seal to deliver optimal oxygenation? Well, look no further. Proposed by Eric Allmon, a professor of Paramedic Science in Fort Wayne, IN, comes the BVM 2.0 (or so we’ve come to endearingly know it by). Instead of using a normal mask, why not use a mask from a CPAP/BiPap circuit? You can maintain adequate seal with one rescuer, while your partner performs other procedures.


  • This is merely to get you thinking about alternative ways to maintain optimal oxygen delivery.
  • The thought behind this development is that the person bagging can focus on delivering timely ventilations as well as maintaining proper head position.


  • Actively vomiting patients will require time to get the mask off.
  • Some patients requiring positive pressure ventilation that do not meet CPAP/BiPAP criteria might still not tolerate the mask; i.e. combative/hypoxic hypotensive patient.
  • Does not allow for rapid transition; i.e. removal of straps for intubation or supraglottic airway placement.

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