Pulse Check: Episode 1

Listen here, or download on iTunes, Podcast Addicts, or Podcast Republic. 

Well…Stephen almost got to go to SMACC. Family emergencies always come at the worst times. Despite that unfortunate event, we still have some pretty exciting things in the works. Right now (YES! AT THIS EVERY INSTANT! Well…maybe not, I’m eating cereal and talking to you guys…), we are working on a podcast about the introduction of finger thoracostomy to prehospital ground/air crews. Fascinating concept, but probably not something we will see in the near future. The reason behind this is that needle decompression just isn’t cutting it anymore. More on that later. Secondly, we are SUPER excited about the addition of Eric Allmon as a part time contributor. You are going to be hearing more from Eric in the next few weeks, and it is going to be AWESOME. Lastly, we are working on a non-profit status. Why? Because we think that high-quality continuing education material should be free. What we are asking for is your help, though. We have been paying for this little venture out of our own pockets. We’re not whining about it; we knew there would be upfront costs. That being said, we understand that booking guest speakers, improving our equipment, etc. costs money, and well…hamburger flippers make more than paramedics. So, if you find it in your heart to help out, please do! We will be setting up a GoFundMe account in the next few weeks, and will post that information ASAP. This is probably the last time you will hear us talking about money because money is awkward. It makes us feel like Oliver Twist. If you don’t understand the reference, you need to start coming to Blood, Brews, and Books. Culture is good. Thanks again for all of the support!

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