Episode 9: Changing the Way We Make Decisions Under Stress with Mike Lauria

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  • Decision-making comes back to the way you train. When you practice the correct way enough, your muscle-memory will resort to proper technique even when stressed.
  • Walk through every scenario that you can think of, with every variable that you can think of. Practice Mega-Codes when the bulbs in laryngoscope don’t work, you have to draw up your Epi instead of using the preloaded syringes, etc.
  • “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”
  • Checklists are not just for learning procedures, but can be used when you are stuck. Consistently using checklists prevents simple mistakes, but improves patient care.
  • Rich Levitan’s theory of “Stuck on Stupid”; when you encounter a type of stressor that you have not prepared for, all skill and deductive reasoning has a tendency to go out the window. “We lose motor control at 140bpm”; what are we doing to train away our anxiety.
  • http://www.emdocs.net/yellowstone-advanced-airway-course/
  • Always anticipate scenario/presentation before you have to perform.
  • Take a moment before the patient arrives, on the way to the call, or NOW before there is ever a patient and make critical decisions based on presentations. Now you have groups of actions which you can deploy the moment the patient’s presentation triggers your preparation plan.
  • Establish a plan with your team and check-in regularly. Allow an environment of dialogue.
  • Remember the OODA loop: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act

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