Episode 8: Changing the Way We Learn Procedures with Mike Lauria

Listen here, or download on iTunes, Podcast Addicts, or Podcast Republic. 


  • Airway management is a prime example of repetition-based competency. Anymore, pre-hospital intubation is being discouraged. With the ready availability of supraglottic devices, CPAP/BiPAP, and the research that show BLS airway management is the preferred choice in pediatrics and trauma, WE AREN’T INTUBATING ENOUGH PEOPLE TO MAINTAIN PROFICIENCY.
  • Many people are arguing that paramedic students need to have more live intubations before they are released from class; here’s another thought to chew on, though: are five supervised live intubations in the controlled setting of an OR more beneficial than 100-150 attempts on a mannequin? The word attempt for the sake of this conversation, needs to be redefined. Attempt of an airway means following your skill sheet to a “T”.
  • “Don’t practice until you succeed…practice until you can’t fail.”
  • We need to vary how we practice, and become proficient at all of our options; i.e. alternating your intubation attempts between a Mac, Miller, Bougie, etc.
  • Are we training in too calm of an environment?
  • We need to start simulating monitor alarms, angry bystanders, equipment failures, bystanders giving you superfluous information, poor communication, crashing patients…
  • We need to adopt the procedure method; run the scenario until you can’t mess it up!
  • http://lifeinthefastlane.com/dl-terminated/
  • Obviously cadavers labs and simulation cost $ and make training seem impractical. What are ways we can reduce cost and make training more feasible?
  • http://www.jems.com/…/making-moulage-on-a-very-tight-budget…

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