Episode 0: Introducing the New Prehospital Brand

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EP 0 image

This idea stemmed from a long drawn out conversation in a bar. A fusion of griping and ethereal musings about higher education and the future of EMS. And beer. Lots of beer. Despite the alcohol fueled revelry and invincibility of our prehospital conquests, there still seemed to be something missing. No matter how much growth we felt like we were making in our private careers as medics, the breed of the resuscitationist was dying. Not only dying, but being mercilessly exterminated by standardized testing and the need to fill open seats with warm bodies. Then it hit us. What if instead of just bemoaning the fact that “trained monkey syndrome” was easily mistaken for true critical thinking we tried to change the culture of ignorance? What if innovation became a priority, and EMS providers were looked upon as the renaissance men/women they are? This is what drives us to do what we do. This is why this podcast came into being. We welcome your ideas, and hope that with time this becomes so much more than three guys playing phone tag and recording podcasts in a basement. Thank you all for your support thus far; we hope this benefits you just as much as it has us!

-Mike Barrow & Stephen Bloom

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