You and your partner are called to a man down in a parking lot of an apartment complex. On arrival to the call, officers on scene advise that it is safe to approach and no immediate visible hazards are detected. You find your patient, a mid-to-late 50s male, lying supine next to a parked car wearing only his t-shirt and underwear, clutching a T.V. remote. No bystanders are present to offer any type of medical history; the patient is not wearing any medical alert bands. There are no obvious signs of trauma, drug/ETOH paraphernalia, or any track marks noted.


  • Patient is a GCS of 3
  • Respiration is irregular and shallow at a rate of 2-4BPM
  • Skin is warm, dry, and pink
  • Strong/regular radial pulses noted in the 90s
  • B/P : 110/70
  • SpO2: 85% R/A
  • Glucose: 197
  • Pupils are Equal Bilaterally and Sluggish

What would you do? 

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